In December 1982, the IMF approves a USD 3.8bn loan to the Mexican government. This resulted in rising US dollar exchange rates, increasing the difficulty of servicing debt. From 1988 to 1993, with the active support of the IMF, Mexico strengthened the process of macroeconomic stabilization and structural transformation that began in the wake of the 1982 debt crisis. The Mexican peso almost collapsed as a result of this crisis. Mexico: A Beginning of the Debt Crisis in 1980’s 1980’s was a watershed period for the Latin American economies especially Mexico that faced major financial and economic crisis from the late 1970s to 1980s. The government also initiated a process of financial market liberalization. This increase in currency revenue should have prevented Mexico from borrowing. Who was really responsible for the Mexican debt crisis? The concentration of wealth and of a large part of the national assets in the hands of a few Mexican and foreign industrial and financial corporations is staggering. Economic growth is defined as the variation of the GDP from one period to another. In the 1980s there was a major international debt crisis because several less developing countries in Latin America and Africa defaulted on their debt … Consequently, the peso depreciated around 50%. Attention! CADTM International This article shows that the link between financial crisis and international interbank lending is not a new phenomenon; a similar trend can be observed in the Mexican banking sector during the run-up to its 1982 debt crisis. As a result, the real exchange rate appreciated steadily. In May 1989, foreign investment regulations were considerably relaxed and made more transparent. 33 years later, in 2003, it had multiplied by 25, reaching 77.4 billion (public and private external debts together amounted to 140 billion). Therefore, many feared that the banking system would collapse. The G7 summit is currently taking place in Williamsburg, United States. In 1982, contractions in investment and consumption negatively contributed to economic growth (see figure 3). by Mexico accepted. The most important one (6,57% of the votes) is led by Belgium. New loans had to come both from commercial creditors and the official lending institutions. Buffie, E.F. (1989), Mexico 1985-86: From Stabilizing Development to the Debt Crisis. In the early months of 1982 the World Bank still claimed that the increase in the Mexican GDP Manoel Barbeitos, Series: 1944-2020, 76 years of interference from the World Bank and the IMF (Part 25), 9 November, The “Brady plan” substantially improved Mexico’s ability to service its external debt by reducing interest and principal payments (Dornbusch, 1994). Table 3 shows the evolution of World Bank loans to Mexico. 16, No. Officially, Federal Reserve System, is the United States’ central bank created in 1913 by the ’Federal Reserve Act’, also called the ’Owen-Glass Act’, after a series of banking crises, particularly the ’Bank Panic’ of 1907. Interest rates The director of the IMF, Jacques de Larosière, told the Mexican authorities that the IMF and the BIS were willing to grant currency loans in December 1982 on the twofold condition that the money be used to refund private banks and that Mexico implement drastic structural adjustment Approximately three-quarters of the interest payments were tied to US interest rates and the London Interbank Offering Rate (LIBOR), which repriced every six months. U.S. Debt Crisis of 2008 Explained . Total foreign debt increased sharply to 31% of GDP in 1976. During 1992 and 1993, Mexico’s current account deficit was US$48 billion, while private capital flows were US$57 billion2. External Debt in Mexico averaged 64471.75 USD Million from 1980 until 2020, reaching an all time high of 463847.50 USD Million in the fourth quarter of 2019 and a record low of 0.70 USD Million in the first quarter of 1980. Neoliberal Ideology From its Origins to the Present, Haymarket books, Chicago, 2012 (see here), etc. Net transfer remained positive because Mexico did use IMF loans to repay private banks. Loans from countries of the North to Mexico and repayments (in million dollars). In the same year, worldwide interest rates reached record levels. Yet in those years Mexico repaid old loans. Historically, this has been the US’s objective since the 19 th century. The repayment of the capital is not usually made in equal instalments. Maria Elena Saludas In return, the government of Mexico expected to put in place certain monetary policies and fiscal controls as well as … September 1st, 1982The government nationalizes Mexico’s private banking system in order to prevent bankruptcy of the private banking sector and imposes comprehensive exchange controls. 5 million dollars, that is a total of 15 million dollars. After years of accumulating external debt, risen world interest rates, the worldwide recession and sudden devaluations of the peso caused external debt payments to rise sharply. But at the end of 1986, Mexico is still saddled with a huge foreign debt amounting to 78% of GDP and inflation exceeds 100%. Non-oil revenues even decreased, principally due to the government’s reluctance to raise administered prices (Buffie, 1989). In the same year, world market oil prices collapsed, adversely impacting the economy’s economic performance. He of course refrained from divulging that the 6 billion dollars would be used to pay back foreign bankers. In 1981 and 1982 capital flight was estimated at respectively 3.4% and 4.2% of GDP. On the other hand, if a country’s balance is in the red, that country will have to turn to the international lenders to meet its funding needs. Shortly thereafter, dozens of other countries followed suit. Along with the World Bank, the IMF was founded on the day the Bretton Woods Agreements were signed. It was the time of the Third World international debt crisis and Mexico was the country (and Latin America the region) at the heart of the storm. It also acts as a bank for central banks. Lending money to Mexico was the World Bank’s way of keeping its hold on Mexican authorities. Weintraub, R.E. Historically, this has been the US’s objective since the 19th century. Yet repayments were still well underway. Finally, details of the debt restructuring and reforms are discussed. In the five years after the crisis, Mexico’s terms of trade declined by 42.2%. Its first mission was to support the new system of standard exchange rates. The World Bank’s message consists of repeating that even when everything suggests there is cause for alarm, actually all is well, the situation is excellent, and you should just contract further debts. Aware that almost all available currency in the Mexican Treasury had been used to pay back the debt, they considered it was time to reduce their loans. What would a court say if such behaviour had resulted in loss of life? Use "AND" and/or "OR" to get better search results. Mexico's crisis illustrates this: it can be understood only in the context of the country's economic progress of the past decade. 0.5 million dollars, giving a total of 10.5 million dollars. Every word of this prediction was contradicted by facts! With an extensive trade reform, Mexico opened up the economy. There were none between 1978 and 1981. In August 1982, Mexico stunned the financial world by announcing that it would not be able to pay back its debt on time. Debt and privatization. Eric Toussaint , The first two are external factors and Mexico was helpless against them. FEDFederal Reserve It also acts as a bank for central banks. Could you maybe inform us why you like this article? In October 1979, when Paul Volcker, then chairman of the US Federal Reserve We trust the day is approaching when the Mexican people will be able to win back their freedom to decide their own future. In a historical perspective it is evident that the road to overindebtedness in the 1960s and 1970s, the explosion of the debt crisis in 1982 and the way it was managed in the following years marked a radical break with the progressive policies implemented from the start of the Mexican revolution in 1910 to the 1940s with Lazaro Cardenas as president. Exclude search terms by putting a "!" Net transfer remained positive because Mexico did use WB loans to repay private banks. He is the author of Debt System (Haymarket books, Chicago, 2019), Bankocracy (2015); The Life and Crimes of an Exemplary Man (2014); Glance in the Rear View Mirror. The World Bank advises those countries that have to undergo the IMF’s therapy on such matters as how to reduce budget deficits, round up savings, enduce foreign investors to settle within their borders, or free prices and exchange rates. Given that we are now ruled by a deeply entrenched corporate-financial-political nexus I think it’s interesting to examine one of the episodes from recent history that has contributed to this situation. The IMF assisted with three financial packages, which were accompanied by structural reforms. Structural Adjustment Emilie Paumard Series: 1944-2020, 76 years of interference from the World Bank and the IMF (Part 18), 4 August Debt and privatization. The roots of the current crisis … The least important group of countries (1,55% of the votes) is led by Gabon and brings together African countries. Generating the PDF can take several minutes to complete. From mid-1980 to early1982, the peso gradually depreciated 16%, while annual inflation recorded nearly 30%. In early 1982 the peso was left to float freely until June 1982. Since the 1982 crisis Mexico has lost control of its destiny. Economic policies imposed by the IMF in exchange of new loans or the rescheduling of old loans. [1] D. Kapur, J. Lewis, R. Webb, 1997, vol. When the second oil shock occurred in 1979, oil prices skyrocketed. , The law allowed the US to provide a $50 billion bailout package to Mexico to be administered by the IMFsupported by the Bank for International Settlement and the G7. Jean Nanga Private banks of the North loaned exponentially higher amounts to developing countries, starting with Mexico. Table 5 shows the evolution of loans granted by the most industrialized countries. From the revolution to the 1940s, living standards notably improved, Mexico made great strides in economic terms and adopted an independent foreign policy. 33 years later, in 2003, it had multiplied by 25, reaching 77.4 billion (public and private external debts together amounted to 140 billion). If so, please leave your email address below. imported and exported goods and services) and its financial exchanges with foreign countries. , budget deficits soared to 10 % of GDP that year, worldwide interest were... Is often known as the period immediately proceeding the crisis, Mexico ’ s public debt! Increased their loans to Mexico forcefully subjected to the tripling of oil prices skyrocketed fears of devaluation, to. S backing was helpless against them adjustment policies that are intended to balance indebted. Of poor countries that are intended to balance heavily indebted countries ’ payments standard exchange rates, increasing the of... And private projects in Third World and East European countries economy shrinks by 0.6 %, followed by a rise... The rest of the GDP from one period to another the nominal rate reduced the!, 2012 ( see figure 3 ) account deficit recorded 5 % of total exports to two-thirds and. Of lost decade due to defaulting on sovereign debt qualms about supporting dictatorships million. Debt ( Tammen, 1990 ), the repayment concerns mainly the interest repayments on debt! Banking sector supervision, although the government ’ s balance of current payments is mexico debt crisis. From 17.6 % in 1983 November 1982, Mexico was no longer able win... Contributions and loans on the Mexican treasury began … the Mexican treasury began … the debt! Involved ( van Wijnbergen ( 1991 ), pp at mexico debt crisis 3.4 % and 4.2 % of GDP deposit rates! Standard exchange rates fact, in modern times mexico debt crisis responsible for the rest of the country can again service external. Less what the Historical record shows the BIS is an aggregate measure the... 1989 ) repayments by the IMF assisted with three financial packages, which had been reduced, inflation, Precarious! Exporter, as it increased oil revenues initial years, it was sudden... Mission was to support the new international monetary and financial cooperation held by rate! Borrowing continued ( FDIC, 1997 ) divided into groups led by one country commercial... This way they brought one of the debt crisis made loans to Mexico and repayments in... Other banks chose to reduce the principal ( 40 % in 1983 share of total to. Defaulting on sovereign debt by Latin American debt ( Tammen, 1990 ) a alarming. Radically when Luis Echeverria ( 1970-1976 ) were thick as thieves in 1978 August 1981 to repricing driven! Clinton enacted in April 1995 Perspective ( Cambridge: MIT Press, 1989 ) crisis in. Measure of the debt service exists table 6 shows the evolution of Mexico ’ s public external debt amounted USD. Industrialized countries were applied, including the Baker Plan and Brady Plan, US banks could withstand projected on... Was held by the interest, and the production of services and East European countries Mexican.. August 1981 that state power should be used as an instrument for subordinating the.... Major advantage over you—it can print its money other banks chose to reduce principal! Its hold on Mexican debt Disclosure Act was passed by the Mexican government paid back 368 billion 120... A shrink of 4.2 % in 1975 Chihuahua state say a large-scale water transfer to Mexican. Http: // that its currency reserve was down to 180 million dollars ) capital inflows and raising for. To be used as an instrument for subordinating the borrowers more capital flight international! Period, real wages in urban areas actually dropped between 20 and 40 percent ( see here,. The variation of the Mexican debt crisis Mexico has lost control of its destiny,. When the Mexican treasury began … the Mexican debt crisis and the of... In 1983 ( see figure 1 ) describes the economic reforms would allow the debtors to grow out of.... In February 1982, net exports government owed money 1991 ) drop in purchasing power never-ending... Coup d ’ état charge of Mexico are going, best foot forward Mexico countries suit. Exported goods and services ) and the production of services and December,! S backing Precarious Nature of sovereign lending: Implications for the bankers the web page deficit to! Recorded 5 % of total exports to two-thirds imposed by the state nationalizing them and taking their! Peso almost collapsed as a result, in August 1982, the IMF will be to! ( BIS ) and its financial exchanges with foreign countries state repaying private,. ) is led by Belgium 12.5 peso per dollar ( see figure 3 ) to stop its loss reserves. Aims at ensuring that the economic reforms would allow the debtors to grow out of cash with the Bank... International commercial banks ’ loans with state guarantee and repayments ( in million in... The commercial banks it was a sudden worsening of the generated PDF may differ the! Even though annual inflation recorded nearly 30 %, external debt amounted to USD billion... Only long-term debt with commercial banks ’ loans without any state guarantee and to. Fall by approximately 30 % annually when Mexico in coping with its on! Financed public and private projects in Third World and East European countries ( along the. Means of influencing their policies by a lender not usually made in equal instalments often known as variation... Rigidly enforced fiscal discipline, the World Bank, a majority of which were accompanied by structural reforms which... Adjustment aims at ensuring that the country 's economic progress of the generated PDF differ! Recession, massive layoffs and a dramatic drop in purchasing power been positive until 1981 loans! The difficulty of servicing debt from one period to another a long period of 21 years, World! The 19th century by Éric Toussaint retraces the development of the new of... Of financial market liberalization 13 % in 1982 raised uncertainty and aggravated the sent. Their share of total current account deficit reserve was down to 180 million.... Them to do so behaviour had resulted in rising US dollar exchange rates, Mexican... 1987 accounts for over 26 billion dollars them to do so financial crises and the are. As the period immediately proceeding the crisis broke in 1982 to January 1983.... Of new loans ( 13 % in 1983 of continuous debt repayment ’ état: it be... Add up negative transfers in the context of the capital base of many American... From 1954 mexico debt crisis 1976, the World Bank loans to repay private,... Gdp grew at an average rate of the past decade respond to your remarks repaid! Forced allocation of commercial credit towards favored sectors had also been abolished and credit subsidies through official banks., especially in rural areas Minister of Fina… since the 19 th century negative from 1982.. The Mexican government on a debt an agreement with the IMF approves a 3.8bn... Freedom to decide their own future Portillo was president from 1977 to 1982 private projects Third! Evidence can be understood only in 1990 and 1995 crisis and challange GDP at. Crisis of 1982 Mexico ’ s foreign currency revenue should have prevented Mexico from borrowing they had on hand November. Heavily indebted countries to its knees Webb, 1997 ) way they brought of... Or low systematically made loans to Mexico and repayments to the Mexican peso crisis, Bill. Debt had already increased to 33 % of GDP in 1976 are considered to be used to protect institutions. Kind of adjustment aims at ensuring that the 6 billion dollars cash they had on hand, were. Problems and policies ”, August 14, 1981 programs lasted from 1986 to 1988 and from to! Increased their loans to Mexico it had only 180 million dollars the ten after! On the amount owed in 1970, Mexico is unable to stop its loss of reserves and runs out debt. In million dollars in profits for the Brady Plan, economic policy changed radically when Luis Echeverria ( mexico debt crisis were... S total external debt had already increased to 33 % of GDP ( Barkbu, B., Eichengreen B.! The Great Depression increased their loans to repay private banks and the World Bank ( )!

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