Close. Anonymous. Newbie. Honestly kind of thinking that. Is the Gravelord Sword worth it? Do any of you use this successfully in PVP. Video. Close. u/mrteatime66. Gravelord Greatsword Dance ? Any A fair amount of damage is done when your stamina runs out. Newbie. I've hit with it a couple of times with poor results. 99 mentions Jaime. Several swords will pierce the ground impaling enemies in the area. Export. Gravelord Sword +5 with strength, dexterity and endurance values around 25 works great too, damage output should be around 450. 4 years ago. Compare . GRAVELORD GREAT SWORD (Darksouls) Fanmade. "four kings sword" replaces the Gravelord sword with the sword wielded by the Four Kings in #DarkSouls This is to do with the weapon not the miracle. Wed May 13, 2020 3:09 pm. Rank Eyes of Death Offered Rewards - 0 Gravelord Sword Gravelord Sword Dance +1 10 Gravelord Greatsword Dance 1.1 damage multiplier to Gravelord Dances +2 30 1.2 damage multiplier to Gravelord Dances +3 80 1.3 damage multiplier to Gravelord We covered killing Lautrec in the video, but you could May 25, 2018 How to get overpowered early in Dark Souls, picking up the gravelord sword early, mask of the mother early, rite of kindling early and a few invasion items.Dec 17, 2012 PVP Help and Tips (Gravelord Covenant for PVP) So the best spots are: SL40 SL100 SL120 Seems good and those builds are a good What do you guys think, im not asking if it's good I'm SL49 on the Smough and Ornstein boss fight and I have the gravelord sword not upgraded at all, and I can't seem to defeat them. Sucks it doesnt upgrade past +5, though. Used maker ware replicator 2x to make this. The Gravelord sword cannot be acended past +5, as it is a weapon upgrade with Demon Titanite. Dont waste time trying to PvP as a Gravelord because you will probably be waiting 30 minutes to an hour before seeing any sort of action. This content and associated text is in no way sponsored by or affiliated with any company, organization, or real-world good that it may purport to portray. bran4532. Souls: 50.00 . Speedrunning Gravelord Sword - Also might be worth mentioning I got this sword from joining the covenant and not from making it from a boss soul. 32. available as standalone sword or ring for keychain/necklace . Id recommend just joining the covenant, getting the Gravelord Sword and 2 miracles, then joining another covenant. Gravelord Sword; The Gravelord Sword Dance miracle. Joined: Sat Mar 21, 2020 4:46 pm. Statuses take a few hits to inflict, and start wearing off between hits Archived. In the room you drop down Archived. gravelord sword, dragon greatsword fire weapons? by bran4532 on Sat Aug 04, 2012 2:46 pm. Post n1; gravelord sword, dragon greatsword fire weapons? u/Inspectrum. I hear it can inflict toxic with one 2h attack, but would it be worth it over an iato or Ushigatana at +15 with poison resin? I wanted the sword to use against drakes in valley of the drakes for scales my question is the gravelord sword better than a +5 jagged ghost blade? I was just wondering if its possible to make gravelord sword and/or the dragon 11. How fast were you? Crafted from the bones of the fallen. I honestly think it looks fantastic for design and i've heard that it's great for PvP because it causes Toxic and has decent damage once upgraded to +5. Dat Chosen Undead. Scaled it in maker ware software so scalings up to the user. The Great Scythe starts out smaller but surpasses most other weapons with its scaling. ". re: Good weapon after drake sword? Back to model page GRAVELORD GREAT SWORD (Darksouls) Fanmade 7 years ago. bran4532 Posts: 5 Reputation: 0 Join date: 2012-08-04. A second Gravelord Sword will not be added to the inventory on joining the Covenant in NG+, unless the first sword is upgraded Curved Great Swords are a good choice for DEX builds in terms of damage and stun potential at the cost of slow attack speed and high weight compared to other DEX weapons with high DEX So on m main character I wanted to get the gravelord sword but I realized after killing nieto I need to join it before killing him. AoE miracle similar to Gravelord Nito's "scream sword" attack. Route only . Nov 8, 2018 - Image result for gravelord sword dark souls drawing Try black knight sword I got a weapon called the Crystal halbred which was amazing but now its about to break and I was recommended ditching it case the only way to repair is by reinforcing it. For Dark Souls on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "better sword than gravelord? Best gravelord sword build 2019-12-25 08:55. Anonymous. #5: Gravelord Sword [Curved Greatsword] It isnt the most powerful greatsword, but it is curved, and has relatively low requirements to wield compared to other greatswords. Posted by. Acquired From. Newbie. Sword wielded only by servants of Gravelord Nito, the first of the dead. share. Gravelord Sword [DKS Wiki] Comments made to our Dark Souls Wiki 4. I have 6 Tue Sep 04, 2018 5:06 am ***** it, keep using it lol 0. Miracle is very effective when used in closed quarters such as hallways or bridges as several swords may impale the same enemy. There is an eye of death located when in a room accessed by falling through the weak floor in the empty room directly to your right after crossing the first spiked bridge and entering the adjacent cave in the catacombs (bone chimney) area. Straight Swords are one of the weapon types in Dark Souls. Without proper information on the build, regarding stats and all, it's rather difficult to Anyone Kirk-Barb. The miasma of death exudes from the sword, a veritable toxin to any living being \m/ Pingy Oct 19, 2014 @ 5:08am Very swag Much love Such like _ShoCk Oct 18, 2014 @ 2:32pm very interesting game Skittlez Oct 18, 2014 @ Lux_the_Lost. Tue Sep 04, 2018 11:26 pm. I upgraded the man serpent greatsword, but it still hits so much less than this gravelord sword. If you want a No good Maybe only the one crafted using the boss soul can inflict toxic? So I have the sword +5. Read about Gravelord Sword Dance by Tha God Fahim X Nicholas Craven and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. Does it only do it in pvp? Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. This video is unavailable. Anime/Gaming based page. Early Gravelord Sword (and eye of death location) in v. 1.4.2 . Upgrading it fully will take 10 Demon Titanite and 25,000 souls, so you might not even be able to fully upgrade it just yet (it only goes to +5). I keep reading it can inflict poison or toxic on enemies but I have never seen it work. Gravelords level up by offering Eyes of Death. If you want a weapon with a similar moveset to upgrade with fire/chaos (chaos with 10 humanity is a stronger upgrade) you can use the Server which heals you +5 hp every hit or you can upgrade the Murikumo dropped Kirk-Barb Obsessed Posts: 359 Reputation: 35 Join date: 2012-03-30 Location: Illinois. Gravelord Sword has high base damage but poor scaling. Post n1; Gravelord Greatsword Dance ? I screwed up with a misclick and fed the damn thing to Frampt and I just realized you can't get another one on NG+ like I Newbie. Speedrunning Gravelord Sword - Beginners Guide. Lux_the_Lost. Recommended. Gravelord Sword Dance: Gravelord Swords erupt in the area. Nicholas Martinez. Posts: 32. Fri Sep 07, 2018 4:51 am. by Kirk-Barb on Tue Sep 18, 2012 2:42 pm. 119 Downloads 3 By Anor Londo most people will have either a +10 or +15 weapon so it would be perfectly fine to use right now. 7 comments . As the standard type of sword - straight swords are great all-around weapons that have good reach I have tested this at a number of locations and levels and this No comparable runs by me. Mine. April 27th, 2015. As the spectral enemies try to approach you, they will fall off the cliff, which will net you a good amount of souls. 0. Recieved upon joining the Gravelord Servant Covenant. But , the Weapon Type is so out of place, I honestly took it as an Ultra Greatsword from the boss fight. The Gravelord Sword is an amazing early game weapon that only requires 12 Strength to two-hand. Once you have a decent weapon, its easier to grab other pieces of early game gear. Show more Download files Like Share. Generic formats Exchange Format Local timers SplitterZ Time Split Tracker Llanfair (Gered's fork) WSplit Urn LiveSplit Online timers LiveSplit One Raw data Run History Segment History. Anonymous. LOL. Watch Queue Queue Watch Queue Queue. 2. Any% Gravelord Sword; 588; Dark Souls Any% Gravelord Sword by??? save hide report. 0. Posted by. Skills: Slash, Sword slam, Plague storm*, Grab, Gravelord Sword*, Revive skeletons Souls: 60000 Difficulty: 2.5/5 (With divine weapon), 3.5/5 (Without divine weapon) Times died on 1st playthrough: 5+ After killing the joke of a boss that is the Pinwheel, you will traverse into the deadly tomb of the giants, a terrifying area with tons of Is the Gravelord Sword worth it?

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