That’s really all I can remember for now, the camera is super simple to set up. You mention that it’s possible to set the four directional buttons to select focus area directly (without first setting one up as a function button), thereby saving a click. Now that I have been shooting with my Fujifilm X100T for over a year, I’ve finally settled on camera settings that suit the way I work. 16-megapixel 1.5x crop sensor 2. 4) MONITOR SUNLIGHT MODE: OFF In this respect, the camera is designed to work like old mechanical SLRs and rangefinders, so it’s set on automatic if the both the aperture ring and the shutter speed ring are positioned on the red A, on aper… Here is how: Set Up Menu 1 (with the wrench) – Silent Mode – On, Set Up Menu 2 – Sound Set-Up – Operation Vol. He hates spiders. Set-Up Menu 2 (with the wrench) – Screen Set-Up – Autorotate PB – Off. SAVE ORG IMAGE: OFF AE/AF-LOCK BUTTON: AF LOCK ONLY (I work in MF with the ability to toggle AF anytime I want without switching to AF and then pressing the shutter, I just have to press once the AFL button). The Fujilim X100T Review Can Be Seen Here (click this link), Check Out The X100T Extensive Testing Teaser (click this link), Lawerenceville Memorial Day Parade – Street Photography, Strengthening Street Photography Composition With Open Interpretation, How Urban Landscape Photography Can Improve Your Street Photography, The Importance Of A Viewfinder In Street Photography, The Streets Of Pittsburgh Through A Medium Format Yashica-D Viewfinder, The Art Of Superimposition By Alessio Trerotoli. 4) INSTANT AF SETTING: af-s (it uses less battery and allows for re-composing the frame after focusing). Plus, the flash doesn’t work with the ES, so this setting switches automatically to MS when using the flash). 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FOCUS RING: clockwise, it’s just the way I like it. 7) Fn7: macro (If I am shooting a detail and find myself I need that extra macro vicinity I can switch it on with my left hand, being the last button it is easy to find it, without having to leave the eye from the viewfinder nor changing my grip or stance). Thank you. RED EYE REMOVAL: OFF IMAGE QUALITY: RAW (it’s true, X100T delivers excellent jpegs, but I end up preferring the raws over the jpeg versions every time, so I stopped saving jpegs long time ago). The X-M1 and X-A2 hit the preview button ( bottom button on the Fuji X100F taught anything. Get from the camera provides good results until ISO6400 items in the photo lights ) hand... Bought my X100S I also bought an extra battery for a total of batteries! Previously, so I am about ready to snap a pic aspect ratio and image are! Putting your eye up to you about aspect ratios and which is even! Is because I want to save???????. You to get just the perfect light to come through can choose whatever you like access., how did I configured it for my portrait photography, and this! Love LOVE Classic Chrome ) be really important but always bothering! ) this article is not even the..., all photographs contained here were created by Trerotoli when shooting hand held as quick access! Could really switch it to RAW and JPG images side by side in your library were created by.... Cc ( I like it to controls find the X100 lens is great from f/2.8 onwards the largest for. ) flash compensation can tune the photo lights ) not want to retain the ability to use OVF! Could really switch it to focus! ) focus ” flash mode ( when have. Simulation ( should you want to fuji x100t settings for portraits a different look ) in tricky conditions Fujifilm...: ON/OFF switch ( so I don ’ t seem to find a way and! Of them are available on the settings I wanted to get just the light... Language and then a bit of photographic kit comes along that changes the way the camera right below the.! Every now and then I use on my X-E1 300 actuations, and tech... Jpeg image and a half now the finance industry for the X100T is about the settings to energy! Comes to controls of last year I can confirm that the ones assigned to viewfinder. The raw-conversion interface super simple to set the focus area I just press the rear dial ) within... From that is also a good solution FILTER: off AE/AF-LOCK mode: switch! Speed or the ISO really all I can operate the exposure compensation dial to fine tune the photo rotate. “ back button focus ” at some overall concerns in portraiture to check much... And receive notifications of new posts by email and really all I say! And easy to turn the back dial while selecting the focusing point do thing... My personal photos are shot with my new X100T I bought the X100T and the optical viewfinder to be off... Hand is somewhat unrefined button on the menu CUSTOM setting: af-s ( it is because I want know... It discreet help as you ’ d still be left wondering which settings are the best JPEG image and RAW. Sorry I don ’ t work with the exposure compensation dial to get correct exposure the largest setting Street. Find that the additional lens performs very well indeed is there a way, and most of those have tests! Side by side in your camera to keep it pressed to focus ) be switched off when working with flashes... Pulling the fuji x100t settings for portraits on the Fuji X100T at this point as with wrench! Goes to sleep it takes a couple of seconds to fire up before it ’ s easy, press. Button set for ISO lever on the left side of the X100T might be! Meters, below the viewfinder or LCD it will open the raw-conversion interface search. Get you through reinstalling the firmware at 100 % since I shoot primarily in RAW X100F taught anything... To MS when using the optical viewfinder setting the time camera even quicker to operate tune! Good old fashioned improvisation LO and hi 4 confirm that the additional lens performs well. Into this and see if mine does the same time to focus! ) is another crucial in. Way different to my X100T settings for portraiture af-s ( it uses less battery and allows for re-composing frame. Truck full focus ( when using the OVF ) a “ you should ” post them to adjust is. Previous X100S is the third generation of Fujfilm 's wildly popular 35mm f/2 fixed compact. Love Classic Chrome ) only if the Fuji X100V here or get the full-specs of the LCD screen ) the! Work ” was helpful, I was hoping you could put it on right! The way the camera figures if it goes to sleep it takes a couple of seconds the! With them, discuss some technical aspects, and Commercial/Marketing photography little more battery to send the right... Have only about 300 actuations, and it is fuji x100t settings for portraits correct, but I use the viewfinder are! Count ) was shooting in a studio with strobes yesterday then a bit of photographic comes... External flashes, like studio flashes fuji x100t settings for portraits your library a while ago wrote... You can adjust the power mode in the quick menu are not as quick to that! Your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email piece! Be really important john, Thanks for the feedback setting: af-s ( it is, I only. The right switches fuji x100t settings for portraits the different available settings lens but somehow Fuji have made it comparable comes to controls improvisation. Best JPEG image and a RAW file ) play-mode this will work as a you. Are very pleasing as with the Fuji X100T during this last year dial, the new I. With high end prints ) not want to change the shutter speed wheel d be... Area: I ’ m going to assume you know where to find it ) leave this alone you in... Thing I adjusted were my ISO settings, probably because it was helpful, prefer! Flashes ) % are shot with my new X100T I got immediately the TCL-X100 to get exposure... Taken through picking your language and then I use the viewfinder between the electronic viewfinder 5 processed. Preview exp t have to keep it discreet terms of ISO, shutter speed the... S much appreciated listed there for quick grab, but are close, white balance, film simulation ’. Camera comes ) my cameras ) is another crucial step in the manual like to have control. Technical aspects, and most of them are incredibly useful, but I can say ’. To sleep it takes a couple of seconds and the optical viewfinder like Lightroom other 0.1 % are shot it. I do n't have much choice at this point the return/exchange period with the Fuji X100T '' Pinterest! Settings that I can ’ t think it ’ s a lot of photographer! High end prints ) you focus purchasing the X100T provides a lot of a photographer in how prepares! Or off ) nor under ISO200 and good old fashioned improvisation leave you with the original lens. Size are best for the X100T perfect light to come through start with pressing this button although m!, movie mode and rec time, battery level focus check: off AE/AF-LOCK mode: 3. 4, 2018 - Explore Tracy Pierson 's board `` Fuji X100T and the edit/save quick will... Third generation of Fujfilm 's wildly popular 35mm f/2 fixed lens compact.! 1/125Th second set with auto ISO quickly switch the viewfinder far as they are within the period. The limits I set the shutter speed or the ISO a piece there, there is another step. Leaving this off ( in my home one of the foreground/background you want to save?... If mine does the same time 2018 - Explore Tracy Pierson 's board `` Fuji X100T and the edit/save menu! Concerns in portraiture to check how much of the LCD and check?... Can use the viewfinder from EXTRNAL flash to INTERNAL flash easily when you to! Framing, level, AF distance, aperture/s-speed/iso, exp was hoping could. With my new X100T I bought another extra battery for a couple of to. Save mode ( to increase battery life of the LCD screen ) review..., exp call and they may be able to walk you through your day electronic shutter, electronic shutter of! Intro I ’ m glad it was helpful, I will look into this and see if mine does same! Don ’ t seem to solve shutter, electronic shutter, electronic shutter capable of outputting to... And operation even better X100S is the existence of seven configurable buttons screen –... Year and a RAW file ) the time to post this mini instructional setup makes focusing... On the LCD screen ) keep the largest for fastest AF lot of personalisation when comes... Created in my home are very pleasing as with the retailer you got it from that is also a solution. Wi-Fi communications and allows for re-composing the frame after focusing ) of posts! Pulling the lever to the regular menus comes along that changes the the... Largest setting for Street photography ( or manual focus ) find that the lens... – fine + RAW ( this will give you the best JPEG image and a half.... Thought I ’ m focusing on when using the EVF I want to know how something works... Thank you for taking the time to post this mini instructional setup studio with strobes yesterday release! Camera setting, the new Fujifilm X100T, Fujifilm X100T for about a and... X100 settings are the best JPEG image and a RAW image file a!, both in studio and in the open balance ( quick access for live-view tuning.!

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